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Etc., etc, etc. by Judy Tankersley
Posted by Judy Tankersley ( on July 29, 2004 at 21:24:37:

So good to see the messages again. I missed them. I sent one or two. Maybe it will help if we all contribute a few cents from now on. I hope my bad memory will no longer be a bad excuse. So I promise to help. My very poor memory will not be an excuse. It's in the mail!

While I was ill I had some wonderful company. Sybil and company, John Wes, came to visit me. He was in Tulsa to pick up a piano that they had left with a family friend while in Qatar, so Sybil came with him. It was a real treat to see John (he looked great), and as always a real treat to have Sybil. She brought "a heap" of fresh garden grown vegetables that we have gorged on since. Sybil, come more often!!

The Rose Family has had some sad stories lately. Bill, if you read this I hope you are much improved and I have missed all your sweet messages and other entertaining messages. It made my days brighter. I love you and yours.

I still love working in my yard every day. I move flowers like most women move furniture. It's great therapy. If any one needs flowers I have plenty to share. Fortunately, Hank loves to cook, but he likes pies, cakes, and cookies! So I have to get out in the garden as often as I can.

I have missed the messages here, but I thought it was my computing that had caused it. So send your thoughts and advice as well as your problems. It's good therapy!

I have to go to hear our next President speak.

See you later. Judy T.


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