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Engagement & Other Things by Leah Jean
Got to admit that 5 years is an awfully long time by today's standards to be ... ahem .... dating? But I'm not going to say much of anything because I've been "involved" in a few rather abnormal transactions myself. The first time I got engaged ... it was just stupid. Ahhh, but I was only 19 and didn't know any better. I knew the guy for about 3 weeks and he started trying to convince me to marry him. I finally said yes, but fortuntely it wasn't anything official and didn't involve a ring at that time. Well, about a week later, he called it off. And then a few more weeks later he came back to try again. And at that point I'd learned my lesson! In your dreams, buddy!

The 2nd time I got engaged though it was a little more serious. At least I'd been with the guy for 6 months so I knew him pretty good. Enough to know that he had a tendency towards alcohoism (polished off a 6 pack every day after coming home from work). At least he stopped that when I let him know that he was upsetting me. [He was never abusive but did get a little "weird".] But fortunately I had already signed papers and was waiting to get into the Air Force just about the time I met him (I had to wait 6 months just to get in). I could have gotten out of the enlistment if I'd really wanted to. But I didn't. We became engaged after I went into the military. The guy even sent me a ring in the mail. But I went to a military lawyer to see if there was anything I should know before getting married, especially since my husband-to-be wouldn't even be traveling with me but staying in Oklahoma. The lawyer had some very pertinent questions to ask about such a situation ... and they weren't necessarily about legalities. So I decided that such a marriage at that time wouldn't be a very good idea for me. To tell the truth, I really wasn't interested in settling down at the time. And brother, I'm glad I didn't. :-) And it was kind of funny to find out later that nobody in my family, except for Mom, even liked my ex-fiance. Good grief. ;-)

Well, speaking of engagements, marriages, etc., I just have to tell this story. Daryl has a friend that is kind of a pain in the tush. Let just call him Fred. He's an interesting dude because he isn't very tall but he is a rather tough sucker (retired (Army?) special ops.). So you don't want to pick a fight with him. But he loves to complain about things. Daryl's old bowling team even nicknamed Fred "Bugsy" because everything bugged him. Well, Fred got a medical discharge from the military a while back. But we all kind of find that funny because it was apparently for a shoulder injury and Fred just loves to play golf. Go figure. Anyway, an older couple living in his neighborhood had a young woman staying with them. We later found out that the couple was her in-laws and she was living with them with her young child. Fred, started to get to know her. And my hubby said that it started to look kind of serious. Well, about a month or so after these 2 started "hanging around together", I heard Daryl on the phone Daryl was obviously listening to some serious talk. He told me afterwards that this woman was still married. But that wasn't the good part. Her husband was in prison for killing a drug dealer! And what's even worse was that her husband was apparently doing drugs himself and him and another guy killed the dealer by burying him alive!!! Eh, gads! And I learned this just before Daryl and I were going to meet this woman and go out to dinner with them! Yikes! But she turned out to be rather cute, nice, and fairly intelligent, but rather anxious person. In fact, you really had to wonder why she had gotten involved with this murderer in the first place! [The guy may have committed the murder before they got married. Can't really remember.] Anyway, this guy was in prison for life. But it turned out that his life wasn't very long. He just died not that long ago. Apparently drugs are pretty common in prison and the guy died from an overdose. At least that's what the parents were told. [His parents did make sure that an autopsy was carried out.] So the rest of us can now breath a little sigh of relief.

I just realized that this is the 2nd letter in a row that I've been ended talking about an incarcerated person. That's not a good trend.

Oh, did I forget to mention that the new building I'm now working in is within sight of a women's prison? Fortunately now that the trees are bursting out in leaves in the forest between us, we shouldn't have that view for too much longer though ... for awhile anyway. ;-)



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