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One Mississippi by Stacia
Today when I was checking out at the Walmart Neighborhood Market, I found myself counting between items (thanks ALOT, James!). My girl was pretty efficient - averaging about 3-4 seconds a piece. And, she bagged my groceries with great efficiency too - like a WOMAN would! I don't think I will ever be able to stand in line at WM again without counting though!

I also took my little "Hobbit" to the shoe store for new shoes. Zoe has pretty wide, flat feet, so I have to go the specialty route. I cannot believe how fast her feet grow. How delighted I would be to "have to" buy new shoes every 3 months!

This weekend, we bought our Christmas tree at a cut-it-yourself farm. I thought we found a reasonably sized tree, but when Todd cut the net, it was clear that ours was similar to Clark Griswold's - we were lucky it didn't break a window! We will see how long it stays decorated. Between Zoe wanting to touch everything shiny and Barney (our big cat) wanting to eat anything furry, I have quite a task keeping those two out of the tree!

Off to chase my tree-climbers! Love to you all!



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