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Counting snowflakes by Leah Jean
Oh great. Now if I start counting down seconds at the checkout line, I'll know who to blame too. But don't try the do-it-yourself checkout lanes with the hope of getting things done faster. Yesterday at BJs I was standing in one lane and finally left it because the people in front of me were having trouble scanning their coupons. So I moved over one row. The woman there seemed to be doing okay, even though she had a half-way full cart. But then one of her items refused to scan. Soooooo she had to wait until the store guy finished helping the people who were having the problem with the coupons. [Sigh.] In the meantime I kept watching people come and go at the other self-checkout lanes. The poor woman in front of me was rather embaressed and apologized to me. I just told her that it was no big deal because I wasn't in a hurry. She finally got helped and finished. So when I finally got to the scanner, guess who also had an item that didn't want to scan? [Sigh again.] And the nice store woman who came over to help me, not only had trouble with the item, but had to take it back over to her little stand to figure out the code. Sheeeeesh! So I stood there contemplating apologizing to the people behind me. Nah. It's that time of the year so you'd all better get used to it! Bah humbug! ;-)

Well, the good news is that we up in Maryland are having our first snow of the year. We got to watch it from our office windows as it came and went all day. And we got to share stories of slippery highways and tried to guess which schools would be closing. Not too much accumulation on the roads though which weren't cold enough yet. [Thank goodness!] I still left work an hour early to skip the major "goat-rope" that would ensue as traffic picked up. And I still had to clean the 3 inch accumulation on my car. It was fun enough going home at 2:30 because visibility was kind of bad with the snow still coming down and the cars spraying water all over the place. I said the snow wasn't sticking on the roads ... but the roads were still messy. And you had to watch out for those bridges. But the neighborhood does look pretty since we got about 4 inches here.

Now I hope that the fact that we've already had a snow and it is just at the beginning of December isn't a bad omen for this winter. At least it may get warm enough in a few days for the snow to melt at this time of year.

Oh, as to any more lefty lore ... I found that Wikipedia has a nice little page which covers the subject pretty good. Just do a search on "Wikipedia" (the "free encyclopedia") and once you enter their home page, do a search for "left-handed". The only bad thing is that I found out that lefties seem to be prone to certain types of mental illnesses. But then I wouldn't call Wikipedia a real reliable source of info.



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