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Atlanta by James Deming
I not posted lately about my travels even though I have made several trips including more trips to New York City & Chicago. Last week I was in Atlanta and had a few hours to kill so I went to the Georgia Aquarium, considered to be the largest Aquarium in the world, and I have to say it is on par with the Monterey Aquarium. Pictures are hard to come by since you cannot use a flash and it is often dark and the fish are moving, but I got a couple shots that I will share.

These EEL's were very interesting. They Burrow into the sand and hide when fish swim by, and pop right back out when they pass.

I took lots of pictures of the Jellyfish.
Here's a good shot.

The biggest tank is 6.2 Million Gallons of water with many windows and a 100 Foot tunnel. I did not get any good pictures of the tunnel, however the largest window in the tank (and one of the largest in the world) was a really neat sight to see.

The window is a single piece about 2 feet thick. They had a sample of the thickness that you could look at.

This tank was built to hold Whale Sharks, and is the only display of whale sharks in the western hemisphere. A whale shark can grow to 35 feet in length, and the tank was designed to hold up to 6 full size adults. They currently have 4 young whale sharks ranging in sizes of 15-25 feet. I did not get any really good photos of them, but here is one of the lone hammerhead shark with a Whale shark just to the left of the Hammerhead in the background.

Janell, I know you like the sea otters, and they did have 2 quite playfull ones. I was lucky enough to be there during feeding time.

Besides the aquarium, I took a short walk through Olympic Park, and that was the extent of my fun time in Atlanta. The rest of the time I spent in the Hotel near the airport in meetings. To give you an idea how near the aiport I was, I included a picture from my hotel room balcony.

Next week, 2 nights in Phoenix, and 2 nights in Sacramento.


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