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Sea Otters by Janell Rose
James, the pictures were terrific and "Oh my Gosh," I would like to be that close to a Sea Otter. The last trip we made to CA - JR had to almost drag me to the rental car so we could get back to SF and not miss our plane. I never get tired of watching them - I told JR a couple days ago, I would like to go back to Pacific Grove, CA at least one more time to see the Otters. They are like a Sea Teddy Bear. I saw the Otters in the Monterey Aquarium but not the same as seeing them dive free in the Ocean - coming up with their rock to crack their sea urchins or whatever they are cracking. One time we saw a baby tied up in the seaweed and large otter going over to the little one between dives.

When we made the trip to Alaska - I walked into a room at one of the museums and was horrified to find a stuffed sea otter in front of me and Otter fur coats. I got out of that room fast.

OK - enough for me tonight. I have not pulled up RoseNose for over a week and thought I would check quickly before heading for bed. Jr and I went to work at our Mall Booth today - tired tonight. We are to meet Paul at Costco Parking Lot in the morning at 9:00 A.M.- going with him to Granbury and see Caty play in a Basketball Tournament.

James that is a fabulous picture of the Jelly Fish. I really think you should do something with some of your pictures.

Just a note regarding challenges - my back was hurting Tue. night, so I thought instead of a shower, I would soak in a hot tub and read. Give me a book and I am lost for an hour - after using all the hot water - I stepped out of the tub onto a soaking wet bath room area rug. Then I found besides all the water in the bathroom, the water had run down the hallway (which is the artifical wood) and was just about to reach the carpet in the front bedroom. Grabbed big towels and started mopping. JR thought had backed up from air cond. drain. To me, it looked like it came out from under the bathtub. Today - I filled the tub and watched - sure enough - water seeped out from under the tub and I was mopping again. JR removed a wall section behind the tub plumbing and we have a leak in the tub drain. I want to call a plumber and of course JR thinks he is going to fix himself. I just hope we get the job done before we have Christmas company. (Our family will be here after Christmas.) We still like this old house - but like its owners - age is presenting some challenges.

Blessings to All, Love, JR and Janell


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