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Ice Storm 2007 Part II by Courtney Deming
If you are reading this I will assume you have power or know someone who does.
James and I lost power on Monday due to the ice. Not so bad, but THEN a neighbor's GIANT tree limb (or looking later 3) fell on our power line and ripped our meter off the wall. Our backyard (and the rest of the neghborhood) look like a war zone. I am so lucky to have a WONDERFUL sister-in-law and neice who have lovingly takem me in. James left on a business trip on Tuesday morning and will be back Friday afternoon. We will have to wait for an electricianbefore the power company can restore our power (whick will take anywhere from 7-10 days). I spent about 3 hours in a COLD house yesterday washing our dishes that we lazily left Sunday night. Luckily we had hot water. I also cleaned out the fridge, unplugged the refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer and had our neighbor help me turn off the water. I felt bad because it was freezing cold and he had to stick his arm in the water to find the shut off valve. Of course this was after I did that too and couldn't find it. Well if you want to see some fabulous pictures of the back yard and house, check out my picasa page http://picasaweb. I tried to post the pictures in my message, but since James isn't here to help me, I hope the link will work.

Love to all and stay warm.


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