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Bleary Eyed Traveler by James Deming
Well, it is 11:30 PM on Thursday and I am sitting in the Sacramento Airport waiting to board the last series of flights of a whirlwind travel week that will have included 2 rental cars, 2 hotels, 5 airports, 6 airplanes, and about 7000 miles flown. I started on Tuesday (after being delayed a day and 1/2) and flew from Tulsa to Chicago and on to Phoenix, spent the night in Phoenix, visited a sales office, got back on a plane and flew to Dallas and on to Sacramento arriving at midnight last night. Visited a sales office today and was supposed to fly home in the morning, but with so much tree damage in Tulsa I decided to catch the 12:30 am redeye to Dallas and the 6:30 am flight to Tulsa. Hopefully I can get some sleep, and a very nice American Airlines employee booked me a window seat and blocked out the other seats in the row so that they would not be assigned to someone else. She said she put notes in that I snore loud, I thought that was funny. I guess all these trips are starting to pay off as I have noticed that I am starting to get pretty good service from the AA folks at the counter.

I land in Tulsa at 7:50am, and plan on driving over to the house to check things out, and then on to Stacia's to take a nap. Hopefully I can get some work done at the house before it starts snowing. Lots to clean up, I am not looking forward to it.


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