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Lights, Action!!! by Sandra
Hi All,

Janell, thanks for inquiring about the ones without power. As of today at noon, James and Linda were without power still; this afternoon Patricia and Wes were put back on line; Courtney and James hope to be back up tomorrow. Up until today I hadn't been able to reach Judy and Hank, but today I didn't have an opportunity to call again until it was too late tonight to do so. I'm going to try to call them again in the morning. I did talk to Henry one day last week, he said they were making out okay, and they do have a very good twosome (Cindy and Henry) keeping tabs on them.

We were without power for three of the longest days I've ever experienced. Personally, it was worse being out this time for three days than it was last January for five days in much colder temps. Temps were okay and the streets clear, but I couldn't go anywhere because I couldn't lift our double garage door to get the car out. Are we spoiled?

Tonight Sybil called to tell me that Julie got to call and talk with John Wesley this morning. How wonderful that she can now call him every two weeks. Expensive, but wonderful!! Nicholas is over there now with him for the month before he returns to school at Duke in January. From Sybil I gather that most of their conversation, limited as it must have been, was about setting up a website for his writing and for possible exposure to his predicament. This is something that requires thought and creative ideas but has possibilities. If any of you "techies" have suggestions, I'm sure they would be welcome!

Not ready for Christmas AT ALL! Today I didn't care when I had the opportunity to sit our ZoE while Stacia came over for a hair appointment. Her jolly little self is so infectious! She makes my day! She saw the Buffalo magnet that Jim had gotten at Tallgrass Prairie and asked me what it was. I made the mistake of demonstrating how a buffalo runs across the prairie snorting and she kept signing "more". Now, that is a sight I will not demonstrate to anyone over two years old, but her laugh was worth the pain. I just hope she doesn't remember it. Time to hide the Buffalo magnet.

Hope everyone is high, dry and warm. Many of the inconveniences just make us realize how truly blessed we have always been.

Take care.

Love to all,


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