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Lights on!! by Judy Tankersley
Yes, we have lights and heat on again. Thank goodness, Tulsa doesn't waste too much time getting lights on again. They know how much grumbling that would cause the Mayor in the next election. The house was pretty chilly this morning so I have all our south window shades pulled up as far as they will go. I'm sitting in the sun so it is pretty pleasant.

You should see our yard. It looks like we had a terrible tornado...trees split and on the ground everywhere. The Mayor has declared an emergency and we can just put our branches on the curb and they will pick them up eventually. If you read this and don't know what I'm talking about...Tulsa had a very bad ice storm, freezing rain, yesterday, so it is not a pleasant picture outside today.

Hope everything goes well with all of you.

Love, Hank and Judy


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