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Thanks Brett! by Sandra Deming
Posted by Sandra ( on July 30, 2004 at 13:44:29:

Yes, it is great to have the message board back up....and, Brett, I will let James know if there are any probs. There won't be any!!!! :-) Bless your heart, and thank you!

Darn! The clouds and sun are having a tussle again today, and I'm sure hoping the sun wins. We've had enough rain for a while, and, anymore, I won't be able to see out the windows. It's a forest out there, and I'm scared of spiders.

Judy, nice to see your postings again. I've so missed them. Someday I'll get around to coming to Tulsa. Jim really enjoyed the visit with you and Hank the other day. I still have lots of green tomatoes, and I may need to get my wagon out and make some deliveries soon. If they cooperate, I'll bring you some.

Had an absolutely wonderful visit with Mary and Bill last week. Not only is seeing their sweet family a real treat, but Tyler is such a nice place to live. I love going there. Maybe they don't want me to publicize how nice it is and keep the secret to themselves. I wouldn't blame them if they did. I'd just like to live a little closer than 5 hours away. Oh well, so long as I have a driver so I can sleep, I don't mind the trip. :-) Linda and James, thanks for the trip down (and the nap).

Stacia and Todd have purchased their first little "home". It is located in Patricia's and Wes's neighborhood, and I'm so envious. I'm happy, of course. I look forward to seeing it and watching them have fun. Don't anyone tell them what a headache a house can be.

Had a call from Phil Benton. He told me Russ and his lady, Carolyn, got married a few weeks ago in Eureka Springs. Congratulations, Russ, and Good Luck, Carolyn! We are very happy for you!

I must get back to my chores! I have peaches begging to be "Cobblered".

Hope everyone is fine and dandy! Enjoy every day!

Love you all so much,


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