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Out of touch by Leah Jean
Geez, finally got back on Rosenose last night and I found the messages a little shocking! Didn't know my parents were incommunicado for such a long time! Thanx, Sandra for keeping me apprised of the situation. Of course, I called my parents right after reading all those messages to find out how they were doing. Dad said they didn't have power for about 9 days!!! That is no heat and light [and apparently no phones?)! Fortunately they have a little old fashioned gas heater in the wall of the one bathroom so they had that going and also turned on the stove to keep warm. Mom said that it did get into the 50s one time in the house. Brrrrrrrr. No wonder she had the windows wide open when the sun shone! Dad said that the whole neighborhood was in the same boat though so they kind of helped each other. [Mom or Dad said something about someone bringing over a ladder to help them get something done once?] But the poor trees are going to be a long term job as to which will survive and which won't. Let's just say there will be a lot of curb-side service for picking up dead tree parts for awhile. And I remember that neighborhood had such beautiful big trees. Henry came over with his chain saw once and helped cut up some of the bigger pieces already. Mom said it was good to finally have hot water again too. [Something about enjoying taking a bath again?] :)

Daryl and I kind of know how they felt when our electricity went out ... but ours was out only for 5 days. Our electicity went out back when the remnants of a hurricane made a mess out of the state or Maryland, and a few others. But we were very lucky because the weather temperatures stayed a little bit above normal in the 70s. And we did have a small generator that was alternated between a computer and a small T.V so we could get the news. I remember spending a lot of my time just clearing out the "dieing" food in the refrigerator and giving the appliance a real good cleaning in the end from top to bottom. At least our water heater is gas so we had hot water for washing ourselves and refridgerator parts. Whew!

I'm afraid that I've been out of touch with Rosenose for most of the time my parents were out too. Maryland had a tremendously windy front come thru over a week ago and it caused power lines to go out and we got hit with a power surge. And unfortunately it wrecked havoc with some of our electronic systems. Our router [a computer unit that handles incoming web communications and separates them to different computer units] got fried. Well, that killed all of our computer web communications (email, Rosenose, etc.) and even affected our TV's TIVO communications (couldn't load information sent from the company such as TV schedules). [For those of you who don't know off hand what TIVO is, you can use a specially made computer unit to program and record TV shows and movies that will be playing in the future. Then you can watch them at your leisure and ... the best part ... is fast forward thru commercials.] So I couldn't connect to the web to send and receive email and couldn't connect to Rosenose for over a week. At least the situation didn't affect the rest of our regular cable T.V. though. [Sigh.] The reason it took so long to fix it was because Daryl tried ordering the power unit for the router a couple of times but kept getting the wrong part. So finally he bit the bullet and went over to best buy just to buy a new router. We were both ready to get our communications back in order! So I'm baaaaack!

And for the rest of the winter holidays ... and for the whole winter for that fact ... may our communications be trouble free and our water stay warm. :)



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