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Jamila, way to go! So glad to see you posting. Hope you have a great time in Breckenridge and will tell us all about "your adventure". Though you caught the bouquet at Courtney and James' wedding, let someone else get married while you have great life adventures, at least for a few years yet. OK? :)

Yes, it's nice to have lights! Yesterday while it was sleeting our power went off, and you can only imagine the resulting sinking feeling. I wasted no time calling PSO, and fortunately it was a brief outage for a repair. After two very chilling events in one year, it's easy to be nervous. It's a scary thought to think the power might fail when thousands of turkeys are in the ovens. Talk about mass hysteria!

Obviously everyone is very busy today getting ready for Christmas, and time flys when we are having fun. Ho! Ho! I should have put elves on my Christmas list, but then if they were helping me I'd probably be stepping on them as I scurry.

Tomorrow the kids come for the night, and I'm trying to be prepared for a toddler. Everything is a "whas at?" with her right now, so it should be fun. My main problem will be getting so carried away with her that I will forget and let something go haywire on the stove. Isn't that how memories are made? :)

Just wanted to let you all know that we will be thinking of you this week. Recalling our past Christmases together just add a layer of warm and wonderful feelings to each successive Christmas. There were times we wondered if the little old house in Christie could bear the weight or the walls could stand the decibels. Remembering all those times is the next best thing to being with you today.

We wish you a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS with your families, and our hope and prayer is for a New Year full of gratitude and recognition of all things simple and good.

Much love to each of you,


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