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Remembering Bill by Janell Rose
There is so little left to be said that has not already been expressed. Our thoughts, prayers and love are with Mary and all their wonderful family. Bill and Mary created a house full of love and being with their family is indeed a treasure.
I was always so amazed at the "encylopedia" that Bill carried around in his head - facinating information just seemed to "roll out" like a speed printer. I remember when we were at our last reunion at Branson. We were at the College Cafeteria, I was sitting next to Bill when a very nice looking young man came to our table. He had an interesting accent and I ask him where he was from. He said Georgia, I immediately thought of GA, USA - but Bill quickly thought of a little country near Russia as he realized it was not a "Southern Accent." Then the most interesting conversation began and it would have been facinating to listen to the two of them - unfortunately, this was a young Student working his way through college, he could not stay long and visit as he had guest to wait on at other tables. After the young man left our table, Bill continued talking about what was going on in that country and mentioned something each time the young man returned to our table. Not seeing Bill is going to hit a new high on the "we miss you" Meter. But he will always live in our hearts and in the lives of his beautiful family.


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