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Late Merry Christmas by Janell Rose
We hope all this Dear Family family had a wonderful Christmas.
Sorry, I did not post a "Merry Christmas" or do much of anything else. JR & I have really had a "bug" We sat in our chairs drinking juice and hot broth and just tried to rest Christmas Day. Thursday we finally went to our Doctors. DR. put me on Augmentin & JR on Leviquin for a week. I sure hope we are not going to be contagious by the time our family gets together for a late Christmas Jan. 6. Zach could not come from Denver before then. He was out of classes but working for FEDEX each evening and could not get off during their busy season. (Hope the weather is going to let him get here.)

We had a wonderful short visit from Mary and Angie. Mary and Angie, JR has been saying he sure hopes we did not expose you to this "bug." Pray you are well. During Thanksgiving - everyone was here except Zach. Paul and Jaclyn got ill while here, after John and Carolyn got home - they were both ill for 2 weeks. So, we are trying to stay home and keep away from people. Besides, not feeling like doing anything else.

Sorry to be such a bore - we are very grateful that we will be getting well and looking forward to a New Year and wishing everyone the very best for 2008 -hope we can all get together sometime in the Spring. Love to All, JR and Janell


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