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Family notes by J. Tankersley
I has been sooo nice reading family notes on here. It has made these cold and dreary days almost sunny. Today the sun is shining ssome, through the clouds, but not enough to feel it in the house. Normally, our south windows make a great difference in our house temperature if the sun shines and really helps those heating bills.

We had a nasty ice storm and our back yard is loaded with huge tree limbs to be cut and hauled away by our city trash people, but I'm sure it will take several days or maybe, weeks to get it all carried away. Actualy, we cut them and stack them on the curb and the ccity picks them up. so it is really a good service. It seems in the last few years we have had frequent damaging ice storms that I don't remember having in past years, but maybe I'm just forgetful.

What are you doing in this beautiful weather? It's a very good time to write a note and I know you can write a much better one than try it.

Love to you all and stay warm.

Judy T.


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