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Another Year...... by Sandra

Hope everyone is doing well, including you and Junior, Janell. Sorry to hear that you have been under the weather, and to be perfectly honest, I, too, have had the bug and haven't felt like even responding. The day after Christmas I felt so good, energetic and optimistic, but I don't know what hit me the next morning early. I can count on one hand the numbers of times I've ever been so afflicted, and it "ain't fun"!. Stacia was sick just before Christmas but wrote it off as slight food poisoning. I think what I had was just coincidental with her ailment. So far, no one else has had it here. Better I than them, because I can sleep all day if need be. :) All the Christmas mess can wait.

How many of you ever met Dad's half niece, Lida Maze? I ask because she and I usually exchanged cards and notes at Christmas, but her note from her card last year led me to wonder if she would be still alive. I Googled her name and up came her obituary from November. Other than seeing her a couple of times with Dad and sharing an interest in Rose genealogy, I knew little about her and I found her obituary quite interesting. You can read it here:

Judy, I agree with you. I, too, don't like the cloudy days. Today the sun was wonderful but it was still too cold to get out and rake the remainder of our leaves. Never fails....the temps will be better this week-end but Windy! Joy! Joy! Just love raking leaves in the wind.
At least, Jim has gotten most of the tree trimming and debris removal taken care of. I just hope so much that we are spared any more ice for a very long time!

Let us hear from you!

Love to all,


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