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Another month ... by Leah Jean
Okay. Who's still raking leaves in January? But then I guess after what you guys been goin' thru in Oklahoma with those leaves all fallin' off of limbs that have fallen off of ice laden trees ...

Not a pretty picture, I'm sure.

At least Daryl and I have been enjoying a few nice days together over the holidays. We were trying to stay away from big fattening meals and get some exercise.

We spent Christmas day down walking around the Washington Mall. That's the part of the District of Columbia (DC) that runs from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol Bldg with all the federal buildings and museums surrounding the inner long park. It was a nice sunny and semiwarm day and I thought the place would be empty. Brother, was I wrong! We walked from the Jefferson Memorial to the Washington Monument down to the Lincoln Memorial. The Jefferson Memorial is a bit off the Mall but that was the only place in the area that we could find parking. Apparently the White House lawn (right across from the Washington Monument) is a big attraction right now because displayed on it are a lot of Christmas trees. [Someone told me that each state is represented by a tree?] I'd also heard that there were several sets of miniature trains running around too. Unfortunately, we didn't even know the attractions were there so we didn't stop by. Rats! But now we know why there was so much traffic around that White House and the Mall in general. Maybe next year.

For New Years Day, which again wasn't bad weather ... if you made it out in the morning before the cold front hit. So we packed up out shotguns (okay, actually Daryl did all that work) and drove down to a state run shooting range outside of D.C. It really wasn't a bad way to spend the holiday. The whole area(several skeet ranges setup with automated clay pigeon throwers) was pretty empty so we had our pick of what we wanted to do. It was fun! We walked thru the woods and picked out which stands we wanted to shoot from. Each stand has two clay pigeon launchers and they were placed and aimed in various ways. I went with the easier shots since I hadn't been out for awhile and I shot until my tired arms couldn't hold my shotgun steady anymore. The hubby made a few cracks about how my gun is sooooo much lighter than his. Hrumph. But I didn't do too bad considering that I actually hit a few. The good thing about Daryl is that he's happy when I hit them. And he doesn't get too disappointed when I don't. Just the way a hubby should be!

Anyway, we timed that day perfectly because the winds were shifting and seriously picking up as we were driving back home, signaling the arrival of a rather nasty cold front. It was so good we got out that day because the rest of the week was pretty frickin' cold!

And then a few days after that jaunt I slipped on the stairs and slightly twisted my foot ... for the umpteenth time in my life. So much for exercising. Eh gads!

Daryl and I did try to head out to a garden park that has light displays tonight. We have a couple around the area that are open for a few weeks before and after Christmas. [I keep swearing each year that Daryl and I will make it over to one of those "pay by the car load" parks to view pretty light displays.] And I really wanted to do this one because you can get out of your car and walk paths between the displays. I can still saunter at a leasurely pace without my foot giving me much grief. But we were in the garage when Daryl noticed that it was lightly raining outside. Dash it all! It was already near the low 30s temp-wise and it would have taken us about an hour in GOOD weather and traffic to get to the park. So we decided it probably wasn't a good risk tonight. Maybe we can catch it tmrw night. It will have to be then or never because the exhibit closes down after that. We shall see!



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