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John Wesley by Sandra
Hi Everyone,

Frost on the pumpkin this morning and it feels good. Three days ago it was 75 degrees and while I put away Christmas stuff, I have to say I got pretty warm in my sweats. I'll be darned if I would turn on the AC in January.

Judy, you inquired about John Wesley's address - As far as I know, it has not changed other than him being moved to a different block. This is the address I have:

John Wesley Downs
PO Box 6949
Block 1, Central Jail
Doha, Qatar

When I spoke with Sybil a few days ago there was a sweet lilt to her voice....all because she had gotten to speak with John Wesley by phone late last week. Yes, they are able to call him occasionally now. John Wesley was "hot to trot" for the website and a desire for assistance in gaining his freedom.

John Van Woy has done a great job setting up the website. I can only imagine the brainstorming it takes and the continuing tweaking to make it "just right" for public understanding toward helping with action for his cause. Please do visit it often and get your creative thinking cap on. Your help toward his freedom is desperately needed.

Stay warm and safe.



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