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No sale! by Leah Jean
Sorry, Wes, but I don't have anything available for sale. Still enjoying my 7+ year old Acura 2.2 CL. Some of the guys over at my car shop keep bugging me to let them know when I want to sell it because it has very low mileage and it still looks pretty good. The only damage is when I backed into a few things. Fortunately nothing but scratches.

But here's a warning to everyone to stay away from Maytag products. They are the opposite of reliable now. I may have mentioned that we received notification of a class action suit against the company because of a lousy side loading washer that we just happened to buy. The main problems is that the computer board has a tendency to give up the ghost and the tub doesn't drain properly. So it develops mildew if you don't use it very often. It finally went belly-up again this weekend after replacing the motor and computer board (they have to both be replaced at the same time) about 1-2 years ago. The machine is only about 4.5 years old. And we have to do "prewashes" now to clean out the mildew if we don't use the machine often. So it totally defeats the idea of being water efficient. Sigh. And what really took the cake was when the one repairman (contractor to Maytag) came out and told me that Maytag had asked the repairmen to lie about the situation so to make customers pay more! So when it died this time, I said, "It goes!"

So we went to Home Depot which had only a few models on display. One of which was a Maytag and of the same model line as ours: Neptune. It was obviously a "geez-whiz" version because it was all gadgetized up. So Daryl loved it. But I said, "No way!" are we buying not only another Maytag but a Neptune to boot!" For such a smart guy, Daryl can be awfully illogical at times. So after arguing back and forth for a little we went to Best Buy. And we ran into a very unusual person, a salesperson who was sharp and honest! [We did have a little trouble telling if the person was male or female ... but we did decide female because of her name.] :-) But she gave us some very good info; a lot of her customers have bitched about Maytag and that because her dept deals with warranties/repairs, they have stopped selling Maytag products. So she convinced Daryl to forget Maytag and we now have a Whirlpool on order even though we may have to wait some since it is backordered. Yes!

One other quick warning about something a little different. The other week I was really clumsy and tripped over a gas station hose that was carrying gas to my car. I managed to land on my face (nice bump on the noggin with some nasty oil on my face and some overly stressed arm muscles). And because I was feeling tired the next day, the people at work kept telling me to go "get my head examined" by a doctor. Okay, I went and got a CAT Scan a few days later, which showed no problems. I finally figured that I was probably already fighting a bug ... which caused me to be sort of out of it ... and helped me to be stupid and trip over the gas hose. So that would explain why I was so tired the next day. Either that or my body was mad at me for doing such a dumb thing. Buuuuuut ... a friend of mine at work informed me a few days ago that she'd been telling a group of Girl Scout mothers about my accident when another woman brought up an even better story. Her boss had tripped over a hose just like me ... but he managed to pull the hose out of the car. Gasoline went everywhere! And do you know what happens when you get a gas spill? It becomes a HAZMAT (hazardous material) situation! So the gas station person called 911 and a HAZMAT team came out, put up a little "tent", got the guy to remove all his clothes so they could properly dispose of them, made him take a shower, gave him a robe to go home in, and cleaned up the area because gas isn't allowed to go down drains!

I would have died from embaressment!!!



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