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Oooooh alright. by Leah Jean
I should have known it was you, Sandra. But I know that you didn't mean too. When I had looked back at the messages after posting mine, I've got to admit it was real easy to miss it. Mine looked pretty much like the others. Oh well.

My subject definitely concerned the weather. It has been exceedingly frigid around here with the Siberian Express coldfront hitting town. So we had about the coldest day of the year for Maryland yesterday with a high of 28 with about a 10 degree windchill factor thrown in. Brrrrr!

So guess who had to go out and play? It certainly wasn't me!!!

Daryl just bought an ATV (all terrain vehicle) otherwise known as a Quad (4 wheeler) as a new playtoy. ATVs are on sale this time of the year ... because most sane people ride them in a warmer weather. ;-) Well, my he-man has been wanting one for awhile though since his golfing buddy has one and they wanted to go out riding around together.

But before Daryl could test out his new Quad, he had to get a trailer too. So he bought a "made in China" trailor kit that was only supposed to take about 3 hours to assemble. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ....

He spent 3 evenings after work and part of Saturday working in the garage on that turkey. He had to get replacement parts for a few items that didn't arrive and he wisely replaced the small caster wheels gauged for 50 lbs each with stronger wheels because the trailer itself weighed about 400 lbs! [The trailer actually folds up so you can store it like a trundel bed against a wall. The smaller wheels are used to move it around the trailer around when folded.] Even with the new wheels, Daryl still managed to bend the wheels because of all the pressure put on them when lifting the folded trailer upright. Yes, China's reputation for not so great of products is well deserved. But Daryl said that the whole kit was so much cheaper than buying a fully assembled trailer. Just wonder how much it cost him to finally get the thing together though. He also had to buy and add plywood boards and paint them for the floor. But knew the kit didn't come with that part. It was already heavy enough and came in 4 kind of large boxes.

So everything was finally ready and Evel Knievel and his buddies went out to a local forest to go wild. Apparently the surface of choice for these types of vehicles is mud. Which is a little in short supply given the high temperatures were in the mid 20s. But these guys were undaunted! They managed to find one rather large mud-filled crater which was coated with ice. Daryl said it took awhile but he slowly worked his way into the hole while breaking the ice without getting stuck. Then the other impatient maniacs got into the fun. They'd actually brought a camera and tried their best to get "cool" shots of mud spraying. Can't wait to see the pictures. Of course, you won't be able to tell who anyone is because they are very well covered in warm protective clothing and crash helmets. Only Daryl got stuck one time in the rather deep mud and had to be towed out. But he said that it was because he was following one of the other guys who stopped kind of suddenly causing Daryl to stop in the middle of the hole. Poor thing. ;-)

Bottom line ... they just loved it!

And I'm just glad my hubby cleans up after himself. :-)



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