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Ice storm by J. Tankersley
Did anyone but us get the ice storm? I'm sitting here looking at my back yard and it is a literal mess with pile after pile of bundled broken limbs from our trees and shrubs. The city will eventually pick them all up if we put them on the front curb in neat bundles, but I'm sure they are over whelmed with bundles. Some of our beautiful trees look awful. Sometimes mother nature can be very mean, but maybe she thought they needed pruning aand that I needed some good exercise cleaning them up. This is Oklahoma and its extreme weather some one said "if you don't like the weather today..just hang around a will change." It keeps life from getting boring and gives me something to write about without using my brain.

That's all I have to until I can think of something a bit more long and do write a note on here. I hate to see this space unused.

Judy T.


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