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It's .... alive! by Leah Jean
Posted by Leah Jean ( on August 01, 2004 at 20:49:06:

Hi ya'll again!

I was kind of wondering what was the problem with the "Nose" since I couldn't seem to access the messages. Had to let Mom know that it wasn't her computer because I also was having the problems. :-)

Bill, it is so sad to hear about your health situation. :-( But if attitude helps, I know that the Rose family has just tons of it!!! Good luck!

Hey Mom, I finally made plane reservations so I will be heading home in a few weeks. I will send you my itinerary later. If Cindy does finally get around to making other get-together plans, I will think about it at that time. Good grief. ;-) Hope Bobby's toe is healing nicely after his lawn mower accident. Ugh! Ya gotta watch going over those curbs.

To tell the truth, life is fairly boring around here lately. The cicadas are gone but we still get to look at the tree damage. At least I have cut off most of the dead end branches from the smaller trees, but some branches are still slowly giving up the fight. And every time I mow the yard I have several foot long branch tips that have fallen off the bigger trees. At least the smaller trees are putting out new branches so I don't feel too annoyed. Sigh.

The latest yard battle has been with the Japanese Beetles. But they have only been really attacking my one big beautiful crepe myrtle. [Probably because I doused the other trees really well with a thru-the-roots insecticide. So I guess I didn't get the crepe myrtle good enough.] So I got one of those annoying little gadgets used to catch the Beetles. The really pathetic part is that you have to buy several "parts" for about $4.00 each: attracting scent, metal stand, plastic bag holder, and of course ... the bags. Man, what a racket! Should have bought stock in that company! And then after you catch a bag with about a thousand of the little monsters in it, you have to be real careful what you do with it. Because after a few days the decomposing bugs REALLY STINK!!! Daryl even triple bagged one bug bag and the garage still smelled really awful (thru the garbage can)! We finally started leaving the bags outside (a bag would fill up in a about 3 days) until the garbage was collected. Do you know that dogs can sniff out bodies in a lake by being rowed over the top of the water in a boat? Well I can now certainly tell how they do it because you just can't cover up the smell!

We have been getting drowned with rain lately though. And the irony is that we just got a lawn sprinkler put in. My hubby seems to think that we are going to leave it on automatic. Hrumph! Who needs to water when we've had some pretty regular and at sometimes just down right heavy rain. We must have gotten a few inches just today. I guarantee you that Daryl won't pay attention anyway ... unless the grass starts turning brown. Actually it was really good that we had rain occuring while the contractors were installing the system. It took them 3 working days (and over one weekend) to get it done. And since they dig up chunks of dirt with grass and replace it back over the pipes, the grass really did need to be watered. I only had to go out and water the damaged areas right after the workers left. And then it rained a few of the nights to help do a really good job. So the grass has only sustained minor damage. But I still want it to keep raining though because I heard from one neighbor that a sprinkler system can use up a lot of water. But then he has a larger yard than ours and really waters it hard-core. I'm more into less and cheaper. The reasons I finally gave into getting a sprinkler is because (a) our gardens are now pretty much situated (no fear of running into pipes now), (b) we are on the top of a hill (both front and back yards slant down significantly) so it doesn't retain water very well, and (c) the front yard kind of bakes in the summer. Now that I have more flower beds to take care of I just don't want to mess with watering the yard much. So I finally gave into the hubby's wishes. Awwww, you got to be nice to them once in a while.

And speaking of hubby ... he can't pick on me anymore for my forgetting our anniversary ... and his B-day. He forgot our anniversary too this time. Daryl only remembered because he was getting a B-day card for me (my B-day is a week after our anniversary) and he saw the anniversary cards! Oops! So we are both really pathetic now. Personally, it wouldn't really bother me a whole lot if he forgot my B-day though. I sure would like to. Getting nearer the big 5-0!

Good night!


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