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Leah's Stressed Arm by Janell Rose
Leah, pay attention to your arm from your fall. I fell in our hallway the week before Christmas and have had a difficult time with my left arm. We were keeping our Neighbor's dog for 4 days while he was on a trip. This dog and Andy tend to run and play - they had rolled back the heavy wool area rug in the hall - I went around the corner and down I went. Has been painful - especially at night trying to sleep. Dr.finally sent me for MRI - tore rotator cuff. Last Tue. Dr. gave me a cortizone shot and said at my age and heart cond. he wants me to try and "deal" with it rather than have surgery and sending me for 4 weeks of therapy in June. He said this is a rather common injury from a forward fall. If your soreness does not go away, see a Dr.


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