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Glen's note by J. Tankersley
What a nice surprise to see a note from Glen. I hope that encourages more of the younger family to contribute, too. Thats the whole pupose of "ROSENOSE", I think. And so many thanks to Sandra who started and continues to pay for the service. No one enjoys and uses it more than I do.

It's a gloomy, dreary day in Tulsa and as I sit here by a window I can see all the damage the big ice storm did to Tulsa. It's pretty sad to see big trees stripped of their branches, and the evergreen holly trees really got punished. Oh well, it could have been much worse. It will give the garbage haulers a lot of extra work and some overtime pay,maybe.

I hope when you read this you will say "I can do much better than this." and write one, too.

Love, Judy T.


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