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Ice storm pains continue by James Deming
Well, It's been more than a month since the Ice Storm and our pains continue. My neighbor is having his large sweet gum tree removed by the lowest bidder. The tree is a good 70 feet tall, and the "crew" that showed up on Sunday had an old beater of a pickup, 2 chain saws, a ladder, a pole saw, a trailer, and some rope. To sum up their service, I have an extra window in the bedroom now, about the shape and size of large limb. The crew claims to have insurance, but will not provide it to me because they want to work out a deal because the owner can't afford to make her deuctible. It makes me very nervous, and I've already talked to the neighbor about not paying the tree company until we are squared away. I have a feeling the tree company is going to try to bail. I got a rough estimate from a contractor this evening of $800-$1000, not as bad as I thought, but I'm sure more than the tree lady is wanting to pay.

Meanwhile, I have to have 2 trees removed from my yard this week as well. I already have a copy of my guy's insurance, and I believe him to be a more professional company, but it comes with a professional $2200 price.

*sigh*, and it's only January.


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