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Ice Storm Pains by Mary
So sorry ro learn that the Tulsa famlies are having to deal with ice storm damage. James, large trees do cost a lot to have temoved by professionals with insurance. I just had the large oak tree in our front yard taken out for $1,100. . They did a very good job (had 3 overhead utility lines, in ground gas line and retaining wall to deal with). Paying extra for professional contractors may cost less in the long run. So far Tyler has escaped any real damaging weather but winter is not over yet. In past years February has somtimes been our worst month. Guess we all live pretty quit lives here...nothing much going on. All are well...a few of us (or maybe all) have had sinus problems but that is pretty normal for the majority of East Texas population. . hccchn vmmmm....this is a message from Asa. Can't plan on more than 5-10 minutes doing somthing before my little helper has to get involved. Time to redirect his attention. Love to all. Stay well...Be happy. Mary


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