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very little.... by J.Tankersley
Wednesday evening: Things are pretty lonely here on Wednesday evenings. Hank goes to church every wednesday, but he wears just what he has on during the day, so it's no big deal. If I wore what I wear in the backyard on these days they would send me home, so I take the easy way and don't bother. I'm sure someone will say that's a poor excuse, and I agree. I'm just ornery and someone has to stay home and chase the squirrels! I think all the squirrels left the woods and came to Tulsa, so I'm very busy!

I'm sitting here looking at two beautiful (I'm slightly prejudiced) pictures of our granddaughter, Julia, who is graduating from high school now and will entera branch of Arkansas University this fall. Oh my! I'm getting old! She's a gem. Bobby, if you should read are you. That's the trouble with these messages. You can't write your secrets.

I really look foreward to messages on here and I wish we had many more contributors from this big
Rose Family. All of you live much more exciting lives than we do, so surely you can find something more interesting than squirrel chasing to write about.

Write more notes!

Judy T.


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