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Thanx, but I'm fine (?) by Leah Jean
Thanx for the info, Janell, but I am fine. Even though some of the people at work think that my head may still not be on straight though (they're being funny). Hmmmmm. Fortunately the soreness in my neck, arms, back, and even my knees healed up pretty quickly. Okay, the bruised knee did take a little longer but I can now use it again for gardening. Fortunately I am constantly using my arms to pick myself up lately due to my knees getting more and more cantankerous. Plus I mow our yard which keeps my arms used to pushing things. But it was still a bit of a shock to my body when I fell, especially since my legs were held up rather high because I tripped. But even my head didn't hurt afterwards except for when I touched the lump. And it went away in about 4 days without any bruising. [I found that amazing that there wasn't any bruise at all.] The ironic thing was that I was on my way to get my hair cut so the hair dresser had to be extra careful with my forehead. Of course, I had to use their bathroom to wash the oil off my face too. Ugh.

But then my family gave up on me and my falls a long time ago. ;-) I used to be notorious for falling down the stairs when I was a kid. But that was because I had a lot of energy and would periodically get tired of taking the stairs 2 at a time when rushing down and try for 3. So I'd usually manage to take the 1st and maybe the 2nd set of 3 stairs okay, but I usually crashed and burned by the 3rd set of 3. So my family got used to "loud noises" coming from the stairway. At least I never landed on my head though. But there was the one time that I was bouncing so high coming down the stairs that I actually hit my forehead on the top of the doorway at the bottom of the stairs. Now that hurt! I landed on my rear on the floor at the bottom of the stairs. I still remember how Henry came over, pointed down at me, and started laughing as I sat on the floor holding my head. We were such mean little monsters. ;-) And I was up and running around again shortly. [I can just hear Sandra saying to herself, "Oh, that's what happened to her!" ... implying brain damage.] Okay, maybe I wasn't the smartest in the world sometimes. Too much energy.

Wish I still had some more of that energy now though. Went out today and moved several plants around in the yard (just a chip off the old mother block) and got so tired I required a nap. But it was perfect timing because a rather nasty storm came by a few hours later with heavy winds that kicked off our electricity for several hours. Good time to snooze. And of course, the temperature went back down again with the cold front coming in. Our weatherman was just saying the other day that we are trying for record low temps for the month of May. I actually wore a light turtle neck sweater to work a few times last week. We've had a lot of highs in the 50s. Good yard working weather though.



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