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Thanx, again James! by Leah Jean
James, thanx again for explaining what was going on at the Rosenose web site. If it was Daryl, he might have had a clue. But then he has his own web site.

In fact, Daryl did point out something kind of "funny" to me the other day. He was searching the web for web site names to register like "rosenose". For those of you who don't know you have to have a unique name for a web site so people can find you. Apparently this is an international thingee. Because he said that certain people actually go out and buy as many registrations as they can because it only costs a little over $4. And then they try to sell the names back to people who want them! They can either try to charge you like $200 to get that special name for yourself or maybe make you bid for it over a specified length of time. Daryl said that even our last name was bought by one of those turkeys. [Daryl was just having fun and seeing if certain acronyms or names were already taken.] He even said that one name or acronym was being auctioned off by someone in China! Well, who can blame them for being so enterprising?

Oh well. Fingers getting tired.



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