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Our dear John by Judy and Hank
Probably no one appreciated John and his great sense of humor more than I did. Although I haven't seen John for a very long time I will always remember him as the man who was dating Sybil when she and I shared an aparment in Tulsa many years ago. If I remember correctly, he was living in the same private home where Sybil and I shared a small apartment and he had a sleeping room only on the same floor. He tried desperately to evade us but somehow we always came in contact with him in one way or another and finally Sybil got his attention. They dated a few times and one day he had moved out without our knowledge and we didn't have any idea where he had gone. He hadn't told us he was moving. Some time passed and one day Sybil and I were walking in the neighborhood and we saw John sitting on the porch of another residence in the area. Well, of course, we naivelly went over to visit with him for we were pleasantly surprised to see him. He was a bit surprised, I'm sure, but was very pleasant. I guess he gave up and started dating Sybil again and were married later. I adored John for he was so different and had a marvelously different sense of humor. He and I loved to insult each other especially when I had to tell him to leave because it was my bedtime. ( We had a very small efficiency apartment in a private home.) I wish that I had an opportunity to tell him how much I appreciated his great snse of humor among other things. He leaves me with some very beautiful memories that I shall cherish forever.


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