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Our Dear John by J. Tankeresley
A few days later: It's a very gloomy day and I came in here to cheer myself up a bit but found all the sad notes we had written about our Dear John. I hope everyone is coping very well and will remember all the charming things that I remember about him (and there were so many if you looked very closely). He and I had a love hate relationship. Sybil and I had a two roomed bedroom apartment and when he overstayed his visits I could'nt very well go to bed until he left, so I usually, in an attempted sense of humor told him to leave. He left when he was ready to leave aaand I am sure he enjoyed our spats as much as I did. But I seldom won. He was one of a different breed, but I adored him. I hope they appreciate dry humor in heaven or where ever good people like him go.


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