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Spring in the Rockies? by Jeff Tankersley
I Can't say it quite as eloquently as did Wes, but I was truly saddened to here of my uncle John's passing. Memories of him and his family at the trailer park in Arkansas are some of my fondest. Like the time he was catching bait in the creek, and us kids were throwing rocks at a wasp nest hanging to the bottom of the bridge. He was totally unsuspecting as we ran and the wasps were looking for whoever was destroying their home. Uncle John was not happy that afternoon.
I had hoped to come over and visit with him when I am in the area this spring. I am glad that Julie and the rest had some time with him, that was very nice.
This winter has been the dreariest in the nearly twenty-five years that I have been here. Until a week ago, it was cold, cloudy, and snowy almost every day. I shoveled snow nearly every day. That gets rather annoying, but it is good excercise, and it wakes you up in the morning. I have to go out and shovel Taz Marie's (the little dog's) yard out, so that she can get around, and I tried to leave openings in the piles I was building outside her pen, so that she could see out, but after awhile all of the snow outside her fence was too deep for her to see over. The piles I built were about six feet tall. Parts of southwestern Colorado have had fourty to fifty feet of snow, I don't know how much we have had, and our historic high snow days are still ahead of us.
But for the last few days it has been gorgeous! High temps in the fourties, maybe low fifties, with beautiful blue skies and bright sun. The snow is melting faster than it came, and now we are having an early mud season.
The snowy weather was making everyone (except the skiers, of course, for whom it has been a fantastic year) grouchy, but now everything is great!
Be safe and have fun, we love you all----Jeff


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