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Mud musings by Leah Jean
Jeffrey, what a funny and sweet message!

I do remember that bridge and throwing rocks at the wasps dwellings (I do believe they were referred to as "mud-dawbers" because they made their homes out of mud?). We had so much fun on that creek bed and under and around that bridge. But I don't remember Uncle John being on the bad side of one such expedition. Maybe I wasn't there ... that time. ;-)

And the snow that you guys have had up there this year? Yikes! Bet being a master plumber this winter has really biten the big one! And poor Taz. She's such a little-bitty dog so it doesn't take much snow to block her vision.

Fortunately we haven't had much snow this year ... so far. Just a few 4-6 inchers. Enough to make the yards and forests a beautiful white and the cars a mucky gray. At least the car washes were doing great business. I even hand washed my car by brush at a car wash stall because it was a nice sunny day ... of around 55 degrees? Just warm enough to tempt me to do such a crazy thing. Anyway, my hands were freezing cold by the time I finished! Once I had moved the car I had to sit on my hands for a little while before getting back out to dry off the car with a towel. Brrrrrrr.

At least the storm coming in from the midwest tonight is supposed to be rain. The big question, though, is how cold will it be in the morning? Will we have a little ice buildup for that wonderful Monday morning commute? At least tomorrow is Presidents' Day so the govies will be staying home and traffic will be decidedly lighter. Small favors are good. :)

Love to all,


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