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What is Happening? by Janell Rose
Sure do miss seeing notes on RoseNose. I pull it up nearly every time I get on the computer and Nothing. Please put on a note to let us know what you are doing and all is well. I'm sure everyone is just busy like Jr. and myself. We still have this remodeling going on. I have finally got the living, dining and front entry painted - still lack the hall and kitchen. Which is going to wait until after Jr's Birthday. I've got to try and get the bedrooms emptied as Carolyn is coming for Jr's Birthday on the 21st. and Father's Day. Also, am sure Eileen's Family will arrive as well. Really looking forward all being together. But right now - they could not get to the beds.

We had new Heating and A/C installed Friday - our old system was almost 25 years old. Jr. said he can "tell all the difference in the world" over this weekend. Our air in the house seems so dry compared to the moisture that was in the air previously. Ouch! It will be appreciated more when we get it paid for. Taking advantage of 6 Mo. No Interest. After all the remodeling, it has been a little much.

I would be much further along with this painting and getting things back in place but I have been in the middle of hundreds of dolls. And I mean literaly. One lady called me to come price about 300 dolls as the owner went in Nursing Home with Alzheimers. They are having that Estate Sale this weekend. Now, the Son of one of our friends called me to come price her dolls and she has just under 1000 dolls. I have felt so bad for him, she had a little fire last Fall and ran up a $45,000. Repair Lein on the house - plus has run up $60,000. in Cr. card debt. Her memory is so bad she does not realize any of this. He is going to have a terrible time getting rid of all these dolls. And, it is going to take me most of next two weeks to finish. I have already been over there about 12 hours. I am seeing all "those eyes" in my sleep. There comes a time when you have to help people tho and this is one of those times. Well, I better get back to my projects - Jr. and I are taking the day off today and going to eat soon - we took off last Sunday also and went to see "Cinderella Man." It was really good - would recommend to you. Jr. really wanted to see because he said as a young boy he remembered all the family gathered around the radio listening to that prize fight. I'm not into boxing - but it was a good story. All take care and please let us hear from you. Love you ALL. Jr. and Janell


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