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Thinking about Saudi... by John Wes
Hi Guys:
We're thinking about moving a couple hundred miles west to Saudi Arabia. Recall when Bush and Saudi Prince Abdulla held hands and the prince promised extra oil to bring prices down? Well, now the prince has to deliver and that takes technical experts, lots of 'em. It would be a better job for me but lots of changes for the family. Nance would lose her job. There is no high school so Meg would have to go to boarding school in Switzerland or the US, quite a decision. Tom would live with us and Nick would continue at Duke.
Is it dangerous? Not as bad as it sounds. We would live on a fortified compound several square miles in size, the bad guys have never penetrated it. Most of the real hard cases appear to have moved to Iraq to fight our troops so Saudi is quiet.
Nance is thinking about taking some classes on line and going to summer school in the US to finish a degree. She and Meg are looking at boarding schools in Virginia and West Va this week. Tried to find one in OK or Ark but all we found was Subiaco academy in Ark, run by Benedictine monks, not OK with Meg the agnostic (inherited Rose family trait). Saudi pays the cost ($25000 per year) plus Meg gets 3 R/T tickets to Saudi per year. Tom will be in 8th grade and schools in the compound are very good but in 10th grade we would send HIM to boarding school, not sure Nance and I could do that, he's our baby!
So that's it. Nick is here with me teaching English, the rest are in Ohio.

So there, Aunt Judy, a long post. Take care everyone.


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