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Spam by Leah Jean
Hey Mom,

I wouldn't worry too much about the junk mail that we get on our web site. Unfortunately it is what just about ever web site in the world gets bombarded with because it is so hard to stop it. It is referred to as "Spam" because it is considered such junk. Unfortunately we have some one or a group pushing porn that has latched onto our web site. I'm sure it isn't anyone we know and it may not even be someone in the United States doing it. The best you can do is just ignore it. I'm sure that James has done just about everything he can to stop the messages from getting thru the "spam detectors". Unfortunately the creative little pests have devised sneaky ways of getting past the Rosenose detectors.

These people are probably not even doing it to be mean or trashy. They are doing it to sell their stuff. And unfortunately it does work in a lot of cases (and I'm not referring to the Rosenose specifically). So a lot of enterprising people are doing it. It is a profit oriented business like so many other things on the internet. And pornography is hard to regulate or control on the internet so it flourishes.

So just try to sit back and enjoy the Rosenose web site as it is. It still is a great way to hear from the family in a quick and convenient way. We just have to tolerate some disagreeable stuff once in a while because the internet is open to messages from all over the world. That makes the internet a very powerful way of communication for everybody ... whether for good reasons or not so good reasons. Also remember the old addage, "one man's drink is another man's poison." It is one of the little prices we pay for having such wonderful technology at our fingertips. Everyone in the world is trying to share ... or sell ... their drinks to everyone else.

Grinning and bearing it,


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