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John Wesley by Sandra
I've had numerous conversations with Sybil concerning John Wesley and what next to do in an effort to bring him home. I, too, have spoken with Julie, and she has been working so hard faxing and emailing letters and trying to get responses from the press.

Today I am writing to the Emir with a plea for his release. I'm not going to cowtow to his "Highness sensibilities", but just a factual plea about John Wesley not having a fair trial and being given an excessive sentence. Of course, I will be polite and refrain from the strong words that keep crossing my mind.

Sybil, Julie and John Van Woy have born this burden for so long, dealt with the frustrations and, basically, have done all the work alone, other than one letter to the Emir that some have written and which they were grateful for. Credit to be given to Patricia for her attempts on the website.

If you have a computer, then you have the tools to be writing to anyone within our government who you think mind lend an ear and offer some help, or the press, or whomever. Also, don't you have a comment to put forth on the website? It's simple: Go to, go to "Visitor Post" and the comment form is easily used.

PLEASE JOIN ME! Take the time to write a letter to the Emir and mail it from your home. EVERYONE in this family could help, I mean EVERYONE!!!

The Emir's address:

His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani
Emir of the State of Qatar
P. O. Box 923
Doha, Qatar

AND...while you are at it, won't you please write a "Hello" to John Wesley? Just a line to let him know he has your support would mean a great deal. We don't know if there is a limit on the mail he can receive, but your effort matters.

John Wesley Downs
P. O. Box 6949
Block 1, Central Jail
Doha, Qatar

OK, so I've had my rant!!! Don't mean to make anyone feel guilty....I just want you to understand how greatly you are NEEDED!!!!!!



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