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Eureka Springs by Janell Rose
We were coming back from Sam's today when Jr. said, "I guess Sandra is having a great time with Mary and her Family in Eureka." He remembered because he knew the trip was planned for right after his Birthday. We know you are all having a wonderful time and I hope the weather is cooler than in Irving. Oh, it is HOT! Good thing we got in this new A/C - has made a big difference.

We had a wonderful weekend - Jr. said he felt like he had a (3) Day Party. Carolyn came Sunday afternoon - followed soon after by Eileen, Paul and Jaclyn (Caty was at Basketball Camp at TCU.) We had dinner Sunday evening, early Birthday Cake and Homemade Ice Cream for Jr's 79th. Birthday. Paul and Jaclyn went home, as she had to be at swimming the next morn at 6:00 A.M. Eileen spent the night, we had a good visit - as long as we could stay awake. For Father's Day and Jr's Birthday (only part of gifts) on Monday Morn. we got up early and started painting - along with Kyle, a young 16 year old friend of ours. Eileen, Carolyn and Kyle painted the 6 X 15 Ft. extension that is the high side of our bedroom which extends above the den roof - they were scorching up there. All (4) of us (myself included) painted the side of back bedroom, all the side of the Den and the side of the Garage. Jr. "supervised." It was amazing - with (4) of us using a brush - we were done around 1:00 and we had stopped for about an hour for breakfast out on the deck about mid-morn. After we all took showers - we went out to Eileen & Paul's at Keller to get Jaclyn. Monday Night, all of us went to TCU Campus to see Caty play basketball. Eileen & Jaclyn went home after the game (around midnight.) On Tuesday Morn. Jr., Carolyn and I, had coffee on the deck - gave Jr. the last of his Birthday presents and shortly after Carolyn had to leave. She had a 5 to 6 hour drive - did her shopping on the way home for the week and back home to get prepared for another week at Caprock Canyon. Carolyn is surely enjoying her job, altho it has been very difficult these first months. She said she will enjoy more next year as she will have the research done and some programs prepared. Eileen has been doing much of the same - she is back in the work force, signed her Teaching Contract for next year a week ago and is going to school 2 - 3 days a week to get classroom set up and advance lesson preparations.

Jr. is watering the yard, doing a little bit of cleaning his tools for the mall, done a little outside painting And I am still working on pricing about 1000 dolls. Going to take me at least another week. What a job this has been AND I need to be working at home - still not done with inside painting, all the curtains and pictures are down. I will get there - probably after mid-July.
John, Nance & Family - how exciting your possible move sounds - we do have a little concern for all of you, but trust that you know what you are doing. Sure wish all of your family could come to visit before you make this big move. It has been ages since we have seen you, but you are much in our thoughts. We really pay attention to the news when your area is mentioned. Whatever decisions you make, you know we wish you the very best.

Now, that I have bored everyone with happenings from the Irving Rose Family - I better get busy.
Love to All, Jr. and Janell


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