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Eureka Springs by James Deming
Stacia, Courtney and I drove over to Eureka Springs Saturday evening. We had a nice visit with Mary,Judy,Linda & Ange; Sybil, Julie & John Henry; Pat & Wes; and Uncle James. That night we stayed at Sybil's house with Mom,Dad and Uncle James. Sunday morning we got up early to walk over to the cottages to say goodbye to the Tyler folk, and met them on the road on the way there, they were heading out for Texas at 7:30 in the morning - The Tyler Roses sure are early risers. After meeting them on the road and saying our goodbyes, we contined on our walk to Julie's house and had coffee with Pat (Great Rollers!), Wes & Julie and visited awhile. We then returned to Sybil's house where she had prepared a great breakfast of oatmeal & fruit and we all sat on her deck eating breakfast, taking in the view, and visiting. At about 11, Mom, Dad and James loaded up the car and headed for Oklahoma, while Stacia, Courtney and I walked down the hill to downtown and did a little shopping - the walk was good, but very hot and muggy,and I was about to melt by the time we returned to Sybil's to say our goodbyes. We had a great (but short) time in Eureka Springs - I wish I could have come over earlier - hopefully next time.

I am getting pretty excited about a trip I am planning in Late July. I am taking a road trip with some friends to Wyoming to visit Grand Teton National Park, and Yellowstone National Park - we are going to be mostly camping on the trip - 2 nights in Teton, and 5 nights in Yellowstone, but will have to hit some motels on the way up and way back. We checked into reservations to stay in Jackson, WY on the way up (we'll be arriving too late in the evening to camp) and were surprised to find that the Best Western in Jackson, Wy rents for $220 a night!!!! We checked on the Super 8, it was $159 a night!!! We did find a motel for $75 and grabbed it up - it's a little no-name place, and I cringe at what it might be like, but it surely is better than sleeping in the car - the next night we'll start the camping for the next 7 days - I've never camped for that long, I hope I can stand it!

Courtney has been spending her time looking at wedding stuff - we have almost a year to go and she allready has the church, the reception hall, the photographer and the dress taken care of - last night she was looking at invitations. I had no idea how much work a wedding could be. She's having fun, and I'm getting good use out of the words "Whatever you want" & "Sounds good to me".

Well I'd better get back to work - I'll take lots of pictures on the trip for you all to see!

Hope to see you all soon!



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