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info on letters by Julie V
This is the direction we received from the US Embassy in Qatar about the letters: "Please do write a letter to your Congressional representatives requesting their support for Mr. Downs clemency and/or pardon and their support for your family meeting with Shaikha Mozah and the Prime Minister, Sh. Hamad bin Jassim al Thani. Once we receive these, we will forward your requests through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who assures me they will be delivered, just as your family’s prior letters were delivered to Shaikha Mozah, the Amir and the Prime Minister." I believe that we write our Congressmen and urge them to help obtain a pardon for John Wesley. If you will mail or email your letters to Sybil or myself, we will copy them and put together packages addressed to Senators, Members of Congress, the State Department, etc. and either mail or deliver them to DC.
John V, Margaret and I were debating whether or not to attend the March 30th hearing in Doha but we received this from the Embassy: "I wish I had some better news for your this afternoon – unfortunately, we have two conflicting sources of information at the Supreme Judicial Council. Ahmed Al Bouainain, the head of judicial affairs, at the Appeals Court, has told us that there will be another hearing on March 30. However, Mohamed Atiya, in the office of the Head of the Supreme Judicial Council has informed us that the Feb. hearing was final and that Mr. Downs sentence was upheld in full. We finally obtained the official decision today, which is attached in Arabic.

We were unable to speak today with Mr. Al Bouainain and will continue to contact him to see if he can provide us evidence of the March hearing. If he does not, the decision is likely final. I would hold off on making any travel plans until we are able to confirm this fully. We will be sure to inform you promptly once we obtain an adequate explanation or evidence from Mr. Al Bouainain."
If there is in fact no hearing, we will plan to go to Washington (depending on Congress' schedule with spring break)and then to Doha later when an appointment with the Qatari Officials is set up.
We are incredibly grateful for the support from this wonderful family. Thank you all.


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