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Clarification! by Sandra
Jeff, is Sybil in Alaska? HA HA NO, I don't think she wants to be in Alaska. Anchorage is one of Julie's and John's cottages. She was rattling around in that big house, so they put the house on the market and moved her over to one of the cottages.

Colorado sounds nice. It will especially sound nice a few months from now when we start sweltering. Full moon on the mountains!
I think our full moon was behind some clouds last night. Besides, "when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie........." it disturbs sleep.

I should not be diddling here because Stacia's brood will be here shortly. The cake isn't frosted, but Stacia suggested ZoE help me frost it when they come. It's the other way around, I'll be helping her.

Take care all.



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