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E-mails galore! by Leah Jean
Wow! Lots of e-mails on the old site lately! Congrats on all marriages and babies! Hope nobody I knew was involved in the marriage from H#$%! :-) But actually, those make the best stories later. Who wants to hear about a wedding where everything went as planned. Boring.

We've been having rain almost everyday for over a week now since we've been stuck in a tropical air mass. This was partially to do with the remnants of Hurricane George which came to visit and wouldn't go away. We got paid a visit by the remnants of Hurricane Cindy just a week before that. But that was only a few days of rain with fairly moderate winds. The problem with "George" is that we've been having a lot of thunderstorms. Last Saturday we had 2 thunderstorms between about 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. And you talk about thunder! It was constant during the whole time. The first storm wasn't too loud but the second storm shook the house a few times and rattled the windows several times! The cats spent a lot of time in the basement that week. I haven't been getting hardly any yard work done lately because it has been so wet and hot for over a week. Geez. Boring again.

But I can count on my hubby to keep life from being too boring. Daryl came up to me tonight (getting home from work around 8:30), pointed at his hand, and asked, "Did I tell you about my bee thing yesterday?" "Ah, noooo." And you could tell his hand was slightly swollen with at least one little red mark.

Well ... he was out golfing yesterday as normal. And he was lucky because it was the first day in about a week where the humidity was only in the 80s. Sheer bliss. Okay, the temperature was still in the mid-90s but at least the sun was out with no threat of rain. He and his buddy were at a golf course which had heavy duty golf ball washers that could actually hold 4 golf balls at a time while you rotated and washed them. Daryl put in 4 balls and started washing. But then a couple of wasps came out and stung him on the hand! Ouch! Then a whole swarm of the little buggers came out of the ball washer and proceeded to chase him a little ways away! So Daryl, being the very logical and intelligent guy that he is went to the course's pro shop (where the people who run the golf course hang out) and told them someone needed to get his balls back out of the washer ... because he wasn't going near it again! Well the brave guy behind the desk went out to do battle armed with a can of bug spray. Daryl said that him and his buddy were a few holes away when they saw the guy approach the washer. They could tell that the guy was looking all over and didn't see any "flying golf hazards". So the unsuspecting guy started getting Daryl's balls out of the washer. Well ... guess what? Shortly there after that guy took out running with a small swarm of wasps after him! Daryl and his buddy said they were laughing sooooo hard! ;-) Just wish he'd had a video camera with him at the time. We probably could have made a few bucks. :-0

It is kind of funny that in about the last 4 years of our lives Daryl has been stung 3 different times: yesterday on the hand, last year at Hershey Park on the thigh, and several years ago on another golf course on the back of his neck by a yellow jacket wasp (the buggy bane of golf courses!). I got stung last year in the garden and just a month ago when watering my flowers (bee flew up my sleeve). Sigh.

And speaking of dangerous living, John Wesley. You take care of yourself and your family with your new job! But then I'd imagine, if anybody knows how to take care of themselves, you guys do. Oh, and I just loved telling some of my buddies at work about how the Saudis pay contractors to ship their teenagers out of the country. [Chortle.]



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