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"The Heat is On" by Sandra Deming
Posted by Sandra ( on August 04, 2004 at 15:00:48:

Hello Dear Ones,

Summer is REALLY here, and I hope you are all staying nice and cool!! Now is when I get very tired of dealing with a garden. Dealing with the heat is okay, but my garden is so small I have to dive headlong among the plants and vines and hope something doesn't reach out and grab me.

Nice to see a note from Carolyn and Russ. Welcome to the message board! Sounds like you have been sneaking in and out and not saying anything. Not really surprised, Russ has always been kinda quiet, and you know what they say -"you gotta watch the quiet ones"! :-) Nevertheless, we love to have you come in and tell us the news. Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Linda, James and Katherine had Bill Clinton over for dinner, did you know? Well, not really, I think they invited him but he was busy. They'll have to tell you the story about meeting him. Suspense? I really should have stopped with the first sentence, and perhaps it would have enticed them to post here and set the record straight.

Bill, I like your attitude! Hang tough! We all love you so much and are standing with you!!! Eat lots of green, or is that make lots of green, or...heck, I don't know....I just know green is good. Take good care of yourself and give yourself a hug for us EVERYDAY!

Gotta go. I have a counter covered with tomatoes and need to take some for a ride.

Looking forward to seeing sweet notes here.

Love you all so much,


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