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Saudi Update by John Wes
Everything's fine here, teribly hot but we're used to it. Margaret and Nance are coming back to the US in 2 weeks to enroll Margaret at the Linsly School, a boarding school in Wheeling, West Va. Founded in 1815, Linsly is a friendly place, much more accomodating than the school in Charlottesville VA we looked at, that place was run by the old money Va horsy set. John Grisham's kid goes there, you get the idea. We are frantically doing Saudi visa paperwork, medical, etc, even the cats need visas and medical. We're going from a 6 br, 4000 sq foot house to a 3 br, 2200 sq ft house so we need to sell/junk a bunch of stuff. There will only be 3 of us so it should be roomy enough. Meg gets 3 round trip tickets a year to Saudi and Nick gets 2 so we'll see them at Xmas and summers.
Linsly is a cool old place, Coed, about an hour south of Pittsburgh. They have 800 students but only about 100 are boarders. The girls dorm is a victorian house shared by 8 girls and a married couple who keep an eye on them. They had never met anyone from Arabia so they were excited to get Meg, plus she's a full tuition kid not someone asking for a scholarship. She wears a uniform every day with a blue blazer, a skirt and tights even in the snow, mandatory study hall 2 hours per night, sports are mandatory also.
Thomas will be in 8th grade in Saudi, the school stops after 9th so in 2 yrs we have to decide to send him to boarding school or come back to Texas. Nancy will rest a bit and take a class or two online or do some tech writing for a friend in Dallas. She will probably spend the entire summer in the US.
So that's the plan, more later.


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