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In Lebanon by John Wes
Hi Sandy, save those sighs. Not to worry. Thomas and I are on a 2 week trip to the eastern Mediterranean, camping at a spot on a cliff above the sea north of Beirut. The country is a wreck, 20 yrs of war did a number on it, but it sure is a great spot, weather just like San Diego but the sea is warm, just right. Camping is 6 bucks a night for us, good deal. We are in the christian part of Lebanon so ham is available, also beer and local wine. We brought our bikes and the last 2 mornings we have ridden up the coast range , the first day climbed 1000 feet, today about 1400 before we gave out and rode back down. This is like riding from Busch to Eureka and back, tough on an old man. Tom found a place with fireworks so he's in heaven. After a few more training rides we will hire an old clattering Mercedes taxi, stuff the bikes in the back and drive up to 4000 feet or so, then ride and stay at a little ski resort, then loop back to camp in a couple days. Drivers here are like Italians, crazy, the roads stink, but everyone is friendly and they love Yanks and appreciate Bush pushing the Syrians out of here.
Nance and Meg leave today for Linsly School in W. VA, Meg has to wear a uniform and "dress for dinner" like Harry Potter, she's excited and nervous. Nick is still in Doha working at his teaching job a few more weeks.


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