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To traveling fool by Leah Jean
John Wes, you are one crazy dude! And when you mentioned the description "old man" I can highly appreciate that since we are approximately the same age. And I couldn't picture myself traveling all over the middle east on a bike, especially at such high altitudes. I can't even picture myself sitting on a bike for a few miles anymore. Gotten too soft. But then the knees don't work so good anymore either.

You were hanging around in Lebanon, eh? Didn't I just hear of a bomb going off in Beirut the other week? But then you were probably long gone by then. And you've probably gotten used to the idea of bombs periodically going off. Hey, I live within 45 minutes of D.C. ... which also used to be the "murder capital of the U.S." at one time. And geez, we have (usually the remnants of) hurricanes, suicide extremists, serial killers, biologically tainted mail, tons of pollution, and some of the densiest and craziest traffic around. And if that don't get ya, the housing prices will give you a heart attack! Hmmmm. Maybe I should move over to the middle east. ;-)

Wes, I won't worry about your travels too much unless you start heading for the Ivory Coast, Iran, Libya, the Congo, the Sudan, etc. where there are some REALLY NASTY battles taking place. Where roving bands of tribesmen or rebels are known to kill and mutilate hapless victims. Lebanon is probably a cake-walk compared to those places. Sigh.

My sister Cindy is just in awe of your family's adventures too. She wants her kids to get out and see the world. And fancy, her kids are beginning in Arkansas also. Cindy's daughter, Julia (yes, named after my mother) is apparently pretty sharp and just got a full scholarship to some university. And Julia has a talent for and is interested in languages. That's a good start. Wonder what languages she has already attempted. And Wes, I wonder how many languages you and members of your family speak. I'm not very talented that way myself but I (used to) know a little German and Spanish. Enough to buy something in a store or get in trouble. :-)

Right now I am mildly disgusted because we didn't get any rain from the remnants of Hurricane Katrina. We could use a little rain. But I can't complain too much because this has been a pretty good year so far. But oh, isn't everyone talking about Louisiana, Mississippi, and those other southern states that got hit right now. I heard from one co-worker that another state (South Carolina?) is having fuel difficulties now because of Katrina. Apparently the governor of the state announced that they are only able to get 15% of their fuel this month because of the damange in the hurricane hit states!!! My friend is just hoping that her husband can make it back with the kids from her parents' house now. But she isn't hoping real hard because she has kind of been enjoying a little peace and serenity at home. ;-)

And speaking of hurricane damage, Daryl's mother was telling me that her and her husband want to get rid of their retirement house/trailor in Florida now because it was so awful the last time a nasty hurricane hit. Daryl's father ended up repairing their house's roof because they couldn't find anyone to fix it. And he ain't no youngster to be climbing around on roofs. There were plenty of people around though who would price gouge you to get repairs done!

Well, I think I need to grab some dinner. You all take care no matter the weather!



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