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Hurricane by Janell Rose
Just taking a moment to wish each and every one a Happy and safe Labor Day Holiday. After the devasting week we have seen on TV - it makes one want to stop and tell everyone how very much we love you. So - stopping a minute to pass that message on to each member of this wonderful family.
I am really tired tonight - have been "combing" closets and drawers for everything we can spare. Finally, I have removed the last of my "work wardrobe" from the closet - all those Liz Claiborne, Jones New York, etc. Suits, Slacks, etc. that I thought I had to keep hanging as I might wear some day. (Maybe I thought might need to go back to work - "groan - what a thought." Our Neighborhood Assoc. is gathering clothing for over 100 families that have moved into our area. These groups are all over everywhere - not just at Reunion Area and the Convention Center. Texas is being "swamped." Every church in the area is involved. It is nice to know that several of the people we are helping already have jobs - not big jobs - but at Sam's, Penney's, etc. Some Teachers, some with Master's Degrees and some very little education. All they basically have is the clothes on their backs. Most are very grateful for any little assistance. NOT what we are seeing on TV. Eileen and Paul's renters moved out and they have been cleaning their little house to re-rent - had an AD run and they have been called about "Refugees" moving into their house. They want to accomodate - but have to be careful as they still have to make their payments on the house and can not "rent free."

Sure have been missing seeing family on this Web Site. Thank goodness for Leah and John Wesley. Come on Family - let us hear from you. JR. and Janell


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