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Whatever. by Leah Jean
Full moons? Makes me think of the movie "Moon Struck" which was just on about a week ago. Kind of makes me wonder, Sandra, if you weren't thinking the same thing? Or maybe you just remember that song from your youth? And yes, Jeff, we've had some really big and beautiful ones here too. And just like you I felt that a bright light was shining outside, especially given all the big windows we have in our house. But then one of our neighbors across the fairway has a driveway that kind of aims at our house. So if they come in with their car in just the right way ... and I'm facing their house ... I get the headlights in my face. I think that person comes and goes about 5:30 in the morning. Gag.

Anyway, Spring has sprung around here. You can tell because the drivers seem to be slowing down. Is it because they are lulled into a state of calmness by the warmer temperatures? Could it be that they are blinded by the brighter sunshine? It could also be because the higher gas prices are inducing a fear of stopping at gas pumps. Personally, I think that there are too many people wackered out on antihistamines and/or allergy medication. Yep. It's Spring when the cars start turning pollen yellow again.

And in Spring the not so young men's thoughts turn to golf. Daryl couldn't take just thinking about it though and did his yearly pilgrimage to Florida for a week before the warmer temperatures hit here. Just couldn't take the highs of 40s and 50s anymore. So he went down there and got his body broken back in, Fortunately things started turning green here while he was gone so the courses were looking pretty good by the time he got back. But the weather has still been a little too flakey for consistent play.

Daryl's buddy used to work at Disney World so he hob-nobbed with a few old buddies and got a few freebies and reduced rates on the Disney courses. Oh, they were in hog heaven! They just had to watch out for the alligators that resided in the water hazards. [They take the word "hazard" very seriously down there.] So Daryl came back refreshed and slightly tanned (he'd learned the previous year about taking suntan lotion very seriously!] and he immediately started whining about having to go back to work. Sympathy he did not get from me. Wah.

Jeff, glad to hear that Cindy and brood made it up there to enjoy the slopes. Unfortunately it just wasn't a good time for me.

Julie, glad to hear that you got in to see some people while in D.C.! That's quite an accomplishment in itself. And yes, you did pick a good time to be down here. Still a little cool but the cherry trees were probably starting to bloom. And that can be a really beautiful sight.

Take care all!


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