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Stayin' healthy? by Leah Jean
So hoping that all of you are keeping fit and not falling prey to any hurricanes lately. Anybody living in (or I hope you are still living in) Houston? At least it wasn't like New Orleans though. I think that we finally got some of the rain from the 2nd Louisiana hurricane but it wasn't enough to cover the last few months of drought. Fortunately we had a lot of rain at the beginning of the year because we are really draining the reservoirs now to keep our lawns green!

The hurricanes are such big news right now. My sister Cindy in Arkansas was talking on the phone with me a few weeks ago and said that people were walking down her neighborhood street with furniture in tow. Someone was fixing up a house for some hurricane refugees to live in. Even the boss of my small company who is a good and generous man was doing a matching company donation thingee: anything we donated up to a certain amount the company would match.

For those of you who are getting close to 50 and those of you who have already been through it, it seems to be the official beginning of old age. I started getting solicitations for joining the AARP (American Association of Retired People?) and my doctor changed my annual physical to include new items and leave out some items. I've already started my bone densities, but this year my doctor said that I should get a colonoscopy too. Just as a precaution. Hmmmm.

Soooooo I went and had my first colonoscopy done today. Ugh. I guess it was really my first since the doctor told me that what I'd had before was a sigmoidoscopy. [I'd had that when it was part of a standard preoperative physical several years ago.] And no, I have no idea what the difference is between the 2 procedures. Let's just say that the colonoscopy was a breeze compared to the sigmoid one. That's because the sigmoid is done when you are awake and the colonoscopy is done while under anesthesia.

But the part of the colonsocopy process that I didn't like at all was the induced Montezuma's Revenge and the fasting. The fasting wasn't really that bad except when you thought about food or water. I put everything edible in the cabinets out of sight. But amazing how many shows on T.V. feature food and drink. But if a show came with a plot, I could usually ignore the presence of food or water. But any scenes with swimming pools or bodies of water got changed very quickly. Cooking shows were pure torture! In spite of all these things I did manage to make it through all the fasting..

So all in all, it wasn't that big of a deal. The only thing sore afterwards was where they put the I.V. in my hand. But I did miss a day of work. One person who had experienced the procedure before had warned me that during the fasting I was NOT going to want to come into work that morning. [Strictly liquids 24-12 hours before and no eating and drinking for the last 12 hours.] She said something about being a grouch. ;-) And she was right because having almost all of your energy drained leaves one awfully tired and irritable. And if anybody had come around me with food ... I might have bitten them in the leg for such audacity! [Hey, as long as I didn't actually take any flesh out I wouldn't be breaking my fast.] Plus the guy across the partition from me drinks this really nasty smelling green tea which is hard enough to tolerate when I'm feeling good!

But, as expected, I came through with a "clean" bill of health. And Daryl was so nice to me when he had to drive me to and from the doctor's office. I could definitely see why I wasn't allowed to drive after the procedure because I was a bit woozy. At least I wasn't like the one guy's wife who kept asking her husband, "is it over yet?" several times in a row. The anesthesia must have really knocked her for a loop!

I am hoping for one thing out of all this though. And that is that I loose one or two more pounds! Only the bathroom scales will tell.

And speaking of pounds, I am happy to report, Mom and Dad, that I only gained one while visiting you two. Must have been all the walking around shopping and my one attempt to do laps in the hotel's pool. Yes, I spent a few nights in a nice hotel ... my attempt at spoiling myself. Plus it saved wear and tear on Mom and Dad. :-) Aaaaaand it sort of helped me to control my eating habits. Dad is such a sugaraholic! He always has cookies and candy around and I'm just too weak to resist. At least Mom hadn't made any of her famous "pink stuff" (strawberries and whipped cream dessert)! I could never resist it! When I got to my parent's, my father had baked a cake and there were 4 different containers of ice cream in the freezer! Eh gads! And to top that all off Dad bought a tasty pie for the last dinner. At least Henry showed some will power when Mom insistanced that he should have seconds. She never had to ask me. Oink!

So I've made it to 50 and a little beyond. Hopefully I'll have time to get ready for whatever comes next? :-)



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